Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trying to be Creative!

We've chosen the name for our 2nd little boy, and I decided to do his name above the crib like so many others but it can be expensive so I decided to do it myself.
I started with blank canvas and painted them navy blue.

Then I drew on the little animals that go with the letters of his name.

Then I added detail to the animals and wrote his name... Ethan! His full name is Ethan Warren Sholes. Warren was my dad's name so it was really special to me to be able to use it for this little boy!

Here's the boys' room. James' name isn't nearly as creative, but maybe I'll do his next :)


Anonymous said...

I love the name you pick Des. The boys room is very cool! You look great for 35 weeks. I am that big at 21 weeks. Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes well and that baby comes on time :) Becky Rasey

Kristi said...

SO SO cute!! You are quite talented. Saying prayers for you sweet family right now and for little ETHAN!